Thursday, January 19, 2012

My top 10 (for now).

Ok, these are just a few tips/opinions of mine, so I hope they help or at least throw ideas at you.

1. USE BUTTER! (if it tastes better the extra dollar is worth it, plus it's better for you than that manufactured crap).
2. Buy generic, noodles are noodles and so on.
3. If there's a WinCo nearby shop there! It's cheaper overall than going to WalMart and it's employee owned, so therefore you're helping the local community.
4. Use the crock pot/slow cooker! You can make anything in there, and I will post recipes to show it.
5. Love your kitchen and it will love back!
6. Eating good is eating good and you're body likes it. It's portions that are killing all of us!
7. A way to a man's heart is through good food!
8. Mac&Cheese is not classified as a meal, either is Chunky Soup over mashed potatoes.
9. Taking time in the kitchen will make for a healthier family.
10. Meals around the table will make for a family that gets along better and hides less secrets.

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