Thursday, January 19, 2012

Appetizers/Dips/ and Drinks

Appetizers are great for parties, games, or just fun nights with the family. I have come up with a few myself and have some family favorites.


BBQ Cheeseball (I made this one up and do this to taste I do measurements just for an idea of how much to use)

1 package cream cheese (generic really works!)
1tsp garlic salt (California with parsley flakes is the best!)
1T BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Rays, best ever!)
1 T liquid smoke (worth the buy it's in a ton of my recipes)
1/4 c shredded cheese (cheddar is best)
Mix together and serve with crackers. Chicken in a Biscuit and Wheat Thins are best with this, but any crackers work. You can leave this in the bowl and not form it and roll it in almonds, I never do, plus it's easier to transport just in the bowl like a dip.

Chili Sauce and Cream Cheese Dip (mom taught me this)

1 pkg cream cheese
1 bottle chili sauce
1 can baby shrimp (optional)
 Spread cheese flat onto a plate, and then dump as much chili sauce as needed. Top with shrimp if you'd like. Serve with Wheat thins and/or other crackers.

Finger Food Type Appetizers:

Ham & Pickle Roll ups (learned from Gary)

Cream Cheese
Deli sliced ham
Spread Cream cheese on ham, roll a pickle in it and serve. Can be cut like pin wheels if you'd like. (Surprisingly good!)

Ramaki/Chesty Bacons (Jess and I got that name somehow for them, that explains all)

Water Chestnuts
Cut bacon into half slices and roll 2-3 sliced water chestnuts and put a tooth pick in it to hold it together. Take a cake pan and put them in it to bake. Bake @ 350 until bacon is done (around 30 min). Mix 1 cup ketchup and 1/4 cup brown sugar (or more of each if needed and do this to taste) together and put over cooked Ramaki. Put back in over for about 5 min.



  1. Thanks me cravin CHESTY BACONSSSSS!!! haha

  2. Just an FYI I am sure Mishell forgot on the shrimp dip recipe, make sure you use the homemade Chili sauce in the squatty jar. The others just aren't as good! Can't wait to try your other stuff Shell!

  3. Well make some and then come share with me Jess!!